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Capable and assertive negotiator

“Last year, my significant other and I met David in our endeavor to buy a home in the Park Circle area. I got his name from (a local) website, and called him to help us begin our search. Thus our working relationship began.

David was not only open to viewing any homes that I suggested, but also provided insight and access to homes that he thought we would like. He was patient and accommodating while we took our time to examine every feature of every home. On top of this, his experiences and thoughtfulness prompted him to ask questions of us to help in our determinations. All of this was done without putting any pressure on us.

Finally, when we walked into what would be our new home for the first time, a new phase in our relationship began. David was a capable and assertive negotiator on our behalf. Making himself available to us at all times, he was reassuring and wise. Overall the experience was a life-changing one, and one that would not have been as wonderful without David.”

Sheli A. Ballard